Look, I don’t know what happened and I don’t care what happened, but I think it’s pretty obvious in this Brett Favre case that SOMETHING happened, because otherwise, why not come out and say “This is slanderous. I will get to the bottom of these lies. The person who is spreading these falsehoods should be ashamed of himself.” Something like that. Why hasn’t the Jets reporter come forward and said this is ridiculous. And why, when Deanna Favre was on “Good Morning America” did she respond to the question by saying she was relying on her “faith.” You don’t go to the faith thing if you are sure there is nothing there. You get angry. You get belligerent.

There hasn’t been any of that with this thing, just a lot of silence and none of your business stuff. I don’t know how it will end up, because if Favre denies it to the league and the woman denies it, nobody is going to keep pushing this thing.  Deadspin as a website and not really the NFL’s concern. If they are convinced this is something that may have happened between two consenting adults but neither one is complaining about it, my guess is they say they looked into it and they are satisfied the matter is closed. Even if everyone around knows that there was indeed “matter” to the story.

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