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Welcome to Live Albom, and thanks for visiting. Here’s a brief explanation of what this blog is about: where I’m coming from, why I’m writing it, and what you can expect to find here. I’m also going to address a question I know I’ll get from lots of readers: why the frack are you not enabling comments on your blog? Well, read on and you’ll see why.

First: what is Live Albom? This is the place where I write about sports and sports only. As you may know, I write about a lot of stuff, mainly in books and newspaper columns (I’ve been writing for the Detroit Free Press since 1985) but also in plays, films and for TV. It can get confusing. Heck, I get confused myself.

But my original passion is sports. It’s where I began. For decades I’ve done the lead sports column for the Free Press, worked for ESPN on “The Sports Reporters”, did a weekly sports radio show on WJR-Detroit, and penned occasional pieces for Sports Illustrated and other publications. But in this digital age, I wanted to have one place that pulled it all together – and gave me a chance to vent, rant, share the random reflection, anecdote, news buzz or quick take that was either too long, too short or too fast or too personal for my other outlets.

Ta-da! My blog.

Just sports.

If you’re interested in my other stuff, thank you, bless you, but you’re in the wrong place. Go to MitchAlbom.com. It’s all there. This is sports.

Just sports.

My plan is to post something here every day, often more than once. And everything I write or broadcast about sports will appear here as well, so go ahead and subscribe by RSS if you want to get everything hot off the click.

Now, speaking of you. Some folks will wonder why I’m not enabling comments on this blog from the start. Conversation is, after all, a central convention of blogging, right? I’ve thought about this a lot. And I truly do value feedback from fans and readers.

But these days, blogs – especially sports or politics – can become ugly, unruly forums, where what the writer originally wrote becomes tangential,  a leaping-off point to vent, call names, scream, curse or spout off on what a jerk the other commenter – or the author – is. And that’s fine. Everyone to his or her opinion. But to start, anyhow, I want this column to be about my 30 years in the sports journalism business having a place to stretch out – in word and thought. And I’d like to concentrate on that, not being a referee.

Maybe in time – maybe a short time – we’ll open up that world. For now, if you have something to share with me you can email me via my regular website, MitchAlbom.com. I really do read my mail. Even answer it.

But meanwhile, welcome. Finally. By itself. Sports.

Dig in.

Mitch Albom