You don’t reinstate a football player–straight out of jail–to your team.

I’m sorry. Wrong move.

I like Mark D’Antonio, but this smacks of a guy desperate to win a critical game, no matter how he justifies it with “doing the right thing” and standing by a member of the Spartan family. The guy a) violated his probation b) got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. They say he paid his price.

What price did Chris Rucker pay from the football team?

He played in the Michigan game, went out and drank that night, got arrested that next morning, was supposed to serve, at his probation officer’s suggestion, for 21 days in jail, wound up doing 10 – only 8 in a cell- and comes out and plays? How is he suffering as far as the team is concerned?

D’Antonio missed a chance to tell his kids and the world that drunk or impaired driving is never NEVER acceptable.

Instead, he used a lot of words to say the same thing: football is different. Games matter more. Leave us alone.

Very disappointed.

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